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Thanks for the heads up and for all the clarifications provided. With regard to #2 I was talking about the special weapons like the MLAA's ( Multi-lock Air to air missiles) as even when they're launched head on at an enemy target headed straight for me; they tend to try and hit the target in the rear (towards the engines) and in most cases miss .. rather than hit the target head on...

Okay.. to make it simpler; If the hit probability of special weapons like Multi-lock Air to air missiles (MLAA'S) could be improved; great

And one more thing. Please could you consider the use of a combination of both chaff and flares for missile countermeasures? Just one button releases both chaff and flares.. thanks.

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Hi, Just downloaded the game and I must say that you've done a great job as an independent developer.  Congratulations on exceeding the funding goals, looking forward to purchasing a copy in 2019. I'd like to make a few suggestions so please bear with me:

1) Please incorporate take offs & landings

2) The multi target long range air to air missiles (the MLAA) tend to miss.. please improve their reliability of scoring a hit and I've noticed even if they're launched head on at an oncoming target they tend to turn around and try to hit the target at the rear (engines) rather than head on. And please make the standard missiles (heat seekers) all aspect. Nowadays most if not all heat seeking missiles are all aspect (i.e. can be launched at an airborne target irrespective of whether its engine exhaust is facing the launching aircraft or not)

3) Please include the following flyable aircraft in the final version:

i) F-14D Super Tomcat

ii) F-15C Eagle

iii) F-15E Strike Eagle

iv) F-16C/E Fighting Falcon

v) F-22A Raptor

vi) Dassault Rafale

vii) Eurofighter Typhoon

viii) AV-8B Harrier II+ (with VTOL ability if possible)

ix) Sukhoi Su-35/Su-37 Super Flanker

x) MiG-35 Super Fulcrum

xi) Mikoyan MFI/1-44

xii) Sukhoi PAK-FA

xiii) JAS39 Gripen

xiv) Mitsubishi F-2A

xiv) S-37 Bekrut

4) You've created 3 weapon slots for each aircraft; That's great! in this way an aircraft can carry a standard air to air weapon, a special air to air weapon and a special air to ground weapon. Brilliant! The full potential of multirole aircraft can now be exploited! This is something the Ace Combat series missed out on  but you've fixed that! Awesome!

5) A Free Flight/ Quick mission editor would be welcome

6) Single missions would also be welcome in addition to a full length campaign.

7) Would it be possible to use the actual names of the aircraft? or some thing like the F-15 Could be just called 'Eagle' or F-15E could just be called 'Strike Eagle' and after all these are military designations and you wouldn't be violating copyrights/trademarks as long as you don't mention the original manufacturer's names....

Thanks for reading such a long comment. Please consider the above. Cheers!

P.S.: Hey I was seriously thinking of funding you on Kickstarter but unfortunately Iam temporarily unemployed at the moment. Hope and pray i get a good job asap so I can fund you too. Thanks again! Cheers!