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My computer, CPU: i7-6950X, graphic board: GTX 1080, memory: 32GB, C drive: SSD.

You should be fine.  I'm running this on an i3-3100, GTX  950, 16GB memory, and an HDD.  The SSD'll give you faster load times I believe.

Good morning.
thank you for your comment.
I am a Japanese, I am translating at Google, so I think that the expression is ambiguous, but please.

Hi there, you should be able to run that game fine with that specification.

Google Translate : そのPC仕様でゲームを実行することができます。

Hello. It is Kawashima.
I understood that it was not auto-renewed.
"PROJECT WINGMAN" is interesting. I support you.


Hello. It is Kawashima.
Thank you very much. I will support "PROJECT WINGMAN" from now on.