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Great game. I love the mechanics and the art. I would suggest making the jump on the press of the space bar rather than the release though. I felt that when I would kneel it was way to charge the jump, but seeing as that is not the case, holding the space bar for the jump seemed a bit unnecessary 


Hello! Thank you for the feedback!

The first build was made with instant jump (you can access it to see how it works here: ). As I'm using this game as a University project for validating it's experience, I realized that there are lots of people (mainly people who don't play 'action' games too often) have some difficulties on performing the "double jump" puzzle. This jumpstyle was made as a test to see if this would help as a crutch for those people as the double jump will happen at maximum "jump speed" if you're pressing the jump button even if you didn't jump. Appreciate your feedback on it tho... I tried observing people playing and the jump mechanic really made the game a bit truncated and your comment just reforces that idea.

I really enjoyed the mechanic itself, but when it came to long jumps rather than high jumps, it became a bit of a downhill spiral, onto some spikes that is.