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Greetings Ladies and Gents! I really wanted to give this game a try after reading the description as it seemed like a very interesting and unique idea! I really enjoyed this game though I will admit, I wish that the life info was a little more in depth, but I also understand that there's only so much that can go into something like this without turning it into a book! But even so, I did a Let's play of this game cause I enjoyed my so much that I hope anyone who's interested gets a chance to watch!

Thanks for playing it and thanks for the feedback! It's true that the game is more a proof of concept with very few content rather than a complete experience but I'm glad you still liked it. :)

oh I thought it was hilarious! I loved it! I wish that there was more too it I loved it so much! I really hope that there is more family to come or maybe even a sequal? Either way, great job! Keep up the great work