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Thank you for your suggestions! 

First of all, I'd like to mention that the "last updated" metric isn't accurate, since I've moved all the change logs in-game. The last update was actually ~1 month ago.

As posted above, many of the things you've suggested are already planned/done for 4.0. The exception is many of your UI-related suggestions-- I'll be adding some of these to the Trello soon. (By the way, you *can* disable power lasers in graphics settings.)

And, no, random spawnpoints will not be optional. I've seen that many people just set up a giant shielded ring around spawnpoints and camp every wave-- this is something I would like to avoid.

To clear things up a bit: spawnpoints won't be *completely* random: they won't change every wave, and only move major distances if player turrets or other defenses are placed near them. 


Thanks for the clarifications. I didn't realize the power lasers could already be disabled.

The spawnpoints not being optional is not a big deal since it adds depth to the game, it's a good improvement. Only reason I wanted it optional was strictly for testing purposes so I don't have to worry about multiple locations, like trying out how tough waves can get and what buildings can/can't do, or simply how to make an efficient layout. But it's not a problem if I go on sandbox mode, I was just on freebuild.

Anyway, I have no complaints anymore. All of those upcoming updates are overwhelming, I'll just stay tuned for that. It's also nice to know that the game is still constantly being updated and on a massive scale. Just keep up the good work. :D