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After update to version 2.1 Its much better, but i think enemies should not shoot at player when they are out of render at least those hitscanners. Zombiemans.

Also a good addition would be possibility to run this with original wads. If you also could do something with invisible doors, maybe indicate them with a symbol that will popup at different layer than door, when a player is close? (Something simple, triangle maybe?) 

This can turn to another yet very different port of doom. It needs polishing but it is possible.

I'm slightly hesitant to change the enemy line of sight just because I want it to play like the original. I'd rather find a solution with my visibility issues, like giving them some kind of tint.

As for loading custom wads, that'd be really cool. The only problem is that DoomLoader isn't 100% complete, and I'm not sure how it'll react if it tries to load something in a map that it isn't expecting. 

Doors are definitely an issue too. I'll probably add a mesh onto them to differentiate them from walls; a little triangle is a good idea.

Thanks for the feedback!

I meant full original wads not customs