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I just want to report a few bugs. The play daily challenge button looks weird and if I take my mouse to the bottom or to the right of the screen, it disapears making it hard to press the back the skip or the retry button. Please fix this!

Can you post a screenshot of your issue for me to take a closer look? I am not sure I follow...


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In this picture you can see the weird daily challenge button and I am also hovering over it with the mouse but if I reach the right part of the window or the bottom the mouse dissapears and I can't click on that part. After doing some more testing I found out that the weird daily challenge button occures only in 1600x900 but the mouse doas not work in resolutions 1600x900 and higher. Otherwise the game is realy good! :)

Thanks for the info - appreciate it. Will take a quick look asap


XformGames, Can you do traffic slam next?