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Points I observed:

- The instruction screen is a bit tedious to read for two reasons:
first, the font chosen is not the best to read block of texts. (you usually choose more simpler and neutral fonts)
Second... it's a block of text :p To make it easier to read, you usually would use as few words as possible to give informations (though the story is still the story). It can be a good idea to use illustrations to show the controls or separate controls from the story.
- The first boss phases are a bit frustrating as he spammed me at some point that green ball and it became repetitive.
- The second boss also didn't offer much variety (he only ever spammed 2 attacks) while having an enormous amount of HP. Thank god you forgot to remove the debug cheat. Space got the best of the robot :p
- The repetitiveness of the boss fights comes from an easy trick you can use to beat him: Just camp on the left of the screen. Aside the first boss and the green ball (that requires you to move), you didn't have much reasons to move. Just aim in a different place. I think you would have needed attacks that push the player out of the comfort zone. It might help to have a "map" of the level and make sure each area gets attacked in a way or another, and differently. Obviously though, with the time limit in mind, it seems like something difficult to achieve. Maybe the top parts could swing differently each time they are triggered.
- EDIT: The hitboxes seemed a bit strange. I got hit at some point without knowing how. Does the steam coming out from the robot hurt you? Btw, getting hit should get visual or sound feedback!
- the bubbles have good feedback when shot... but they give no visual/sound feedback when disappearing, too bad. Would have liked a satisfying little animation as they get blown
- The game ends a bit suddenly and the "noooo" at the end didn't quite convince me.

...that being said, the rest of the voice acting was top notch! Not expected and pretty cool.
Overall, the game feels epic and the boss fight is really cool. He might be a bit too static on his own, but his moving parts really sell and it feels just right! I also like the satisfying effects of the bubbles.