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Okay, so first of all, I loved the entire feel of this game. I’ve been playing a lot of old indie horror titles on the channel recently and the atmosphere / models in this game felt really nostalgic. There were a few moments where I was genuinely spooked as well as some moments where I couldn’t help but laugh. The story was great. I like how you put that extra effort into telling it rather than just having an indie horror title where random scares happened then the credits roll. I feel like the only negative things I could find in this game were the grammar and stuff in the journals (I’m not a gramma master myself, so no big deal) and the graphics were a tad lower than I expected. That start menu really had my hopes up for top-of-the-like graphics. Again, no big deal. I look for events from a horror game rather than visuals. The experience is what matters to me, and this experience was great. Thanks so much for making this!!

grammar*** master - see!? Lol

Wow, thank you for this awesome comment and feedback.

I'm glad you liked it and yea my English is not the best, it would be awesome if we can collab in the future in term of grammar correction.

Again thank you for the comment and I really liked the video.