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Hai SweetChiel ^^

Shock and amaze at the same time when I played the winged ones, because this otome game is the first Indonesian theme I've played ! I'm so proud of u ^^

Since finish playing this game, I always wondering what will happen with the heroine after choose to stay and a day to day life with her choosen love interest >_<

I really hope there's a sequel of the winged ones, and I totally love the story and character, same goes with the bermuda triangle otome ^^ (Secretly hoping there's another otome game with Indonesian theme) and I honestly love one of your otome project the Queen's Crown

Hope u stay healthy and keep up the good good good goooood work >_<

Hi n_ice05!

Thanks for playing and three cheers for you liking my game! x'D 
I'm honestly relieved; it was quite a challenge mixing Japanese and Indonesian culture together, but with people coming and telling me they like it like you, it makes it all worth it!

I don't think there would be a sequel for Winged Ones but I'm working on Bermuda right now so stay tuned!
Oh andQueen's Crown is my friend's game, not mine :'3 I'm just the CG artist~

You know every project I involve myself in and it's quite flattering >////< Thank you for your support!

Hope to see you around~