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For some reason I can't download it using the client. How do I fix this?

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Hey Pootis, I put the Windows and Mac downloads in a Google Drive folder, let me know if these work for you.

Also, do you mean the installable client? Are you seeing some kind of error when you try?

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Yes. When I install it, it gets stuck at about 75% in the install phase. Also, if I quit the client and open it back up, it will have the Lauch button but 'no executables were found' and I can't uninstall it for some reason.

EDIT: The zip file works! Thanks a lot for the help!

EDIT 2: Comodo Firewall keeps saying that the game needs to gain an elevated privilege, it's saying that PADDLE FORCE is trying to execute PADDLE FORCE and that it wants to modify a protected registry key. This seems to freeze the game.

EDIT 3: I just have to allow everything! By the way, you did an amazing job at upgrading Pong! Keep it up and thanks for the help!

Thanks Pootis. Glad you enjoy it :). The warnings you saw must have been from the install process because of the wrapper we used to build the game. If you have some screenshots to help us understand it, we'd love to see them.