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Hello again! 

Just like the other time, adding a video so you can check if the player's behaviour is within what you planned. 

Disclaimer: I am particularly unskilled at platform games. So, get ready for a lot of noobing around deaths.

As for my feedback, this one could use some polishing too. The first issue I've had (not a big deal) was that the at the start menu, the buttons have their images out of the sensitive area. I had to click left of the button for it to work. At the credits scene, the clickable area is like the button's width away from the image. You can see what I mean at about 0:14 in the video.

It took me a few minutes to get used to the general gameplay, but I did enjoy it. Having two components to worry about (the android and the drone) made it more challenging. You may notice that I've died multiple times because I was actually pressing up instead of the space bar to jump. That's because I noobed out and only paid attention to the drone.

Some other things that I would enjoy seeing in future builds if your team decide to continue developing this game: 

- An idle stance animation for the character. Something to make it look alive while you're not moving

- A jump/fall animation. Same idea. 

- Noob friendly platform colliders. Like those that allow the player to go through them except when the player's feet are on top of the platform. So, they would work as a platform, but not as a wall. At around 7:00 in the video you can see how the wall behaviour can be a problem.

- Something to make me aware of my progress. When I stopped recording, I had no idea if I was at level 3/3, 3/100 or if that was still part of level 1. 

All that said, I did like this game and I think it deserves an extra round of polishing.

I really love the video you made it means so much.  All that you said needs to be fixed I agree.  Game Development is an ongoing struggle.