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Greetings! I've tried your game and recorded it so you can check if my behaviour as a player is within what you planned and maybe help adjusting the game for the next builds.

Now, I did notice a few things. First of all, the zip file contains a copy of the executable outside the game's folder. If you run it, you'll get the standard Unity's error message about the missing data folder. It would be a good idea to remove it on the next build so you don't lose audience because they didn't know they had to go into the folder to play.

Second, the colliders could be adjusted a bit. If you notice, most of the times I'm hit, especially by the DeathBalls, it looks like I'm at least 1 meter away from them. 

Third, the jump could be completely re-scripted! There are some nice jump codes available that look natural and can be used while moving.

Other than that, the game could use some polishing, but it's totally understandable if you're learning Unity and move onto a new project to apply other concepts and techniques that wouldn't fit this genre. 

Either way, it's cool that you took the time to make a playable version of the game and published it.

Thank you so much for all this info it really means alot.  I'm gonna be working on new levels, and taking into consideration  every thing you've said.  I'll make sure to tell people to play the build within the folder.  I'm just happy it works.

I can't watch the video.  Maybe you can tell me your You Tube or actually send me the video I would love to have it.  And, thanks again.