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I love how tight the controls are. how thigt and responsive the controls are. feels good, and how u do some cool and stylish things as the water movement and etc. very very cool, your project have soul. My suggestions Bellow; 

> the combat would be more fun with a fast 3 hits combo, which is different when done in the air (but nothing too floaty.) it would also be nice to throw enemies into the air when I attack up, also if the player had a bigger knockback when attacking an enemy below him (similar to HollowKnight) 
these 4 elements combined together. executed with fluidity and tightness as you program would make your combat even more interesting and fun. and last, dash and shot arrows to all 8 directions would be cool too.

the sound design is also very good and adds a lot to the gamefeel <3 but it would be nice to have something more interesting in the music. I really loved your project, you can feel it was done with care. I wish you to go even more further.