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Hey there! I did try to test your game, but I couldn't troubleshoot my way. First, my antivirus was being picky. I sent the zip file to Virustotal to check against a battery of antiviruses and everything was fine, so I turned off the antivirus to test.  I do recommend that you do that too until you're able to code sign your executable. That way we don't have to upload the file to them to have it checked, as soon as the hash is calculated we can see the test results.

I didn't get any error messages, but this is what happened:

Before I pressed enter to start, the console was logging the rendering time. But as soon as I did:

Thanks for the video! Sinse the game is running in the background of the video, i believe that there is a rendering issue. I will look into this in a bit. The console spam is caused by  a line of code that wasnt meant to be there that I accidently left in, but it could be hiding an error as it is spamming so much.


All cool. Good luck on fixing that. And if you don't find a cause and need a guinea pig, we can schedule some time this weekend to test a bunch of stuff and find out what is broken.

I fixed an error in my code, and now I am getting the same problem you experienced, so I beleive that I am close to fixing this bug now anyway, but thanks for the help!

The problem is fixed now, pushing an update through now.

Cool! I've downloaded the zip and it ran alright. I can't properly test it now though. I'll get home in about 7 hours then I can try the gameplay :D

Btw, since you didn't code sign your executable, chrome and avast are being picky. I'm uploading the new zip to  Virustotal to be analyzed. I think it's a good idea to always do that before publishing. That way, when people want to be sure the files are safe and their antivirus is just being annoying they don't have to upload the file. They'll be able to see the results from the last test as soon as the hash is calculated.

Upload completed. Test results at

Oops, I forgot about that. Thanks for doing it for me, I am very greatful for this.