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What Bya did was kill the Flower, She in the sequel has to escape from the spectrum and from time itself, it's more fun than it seems hahaha, spirits can't die, but if they are evil, another being can judge them and punish them, with things worse than dying


Bárrigan is a character I find to be pretty funny and I'm guessing he'll be helping Bya again in the sequel right? I'm guessing the spirits have powers relating the season they represent and have been around since the Earth's creation and change their clothes to fit into the current era right?

I'm also guessing that all spirits have to follow a list of rules otherwise they'll be punished if they break of them and killing the a symbol of the one the seasons like the flower was one of them, the only thing I don't like is that the game is to short and I hope the sequel will be longer but don't get me wrong, it's a good game that I like.

In their world they do not need change their clothes, since it is their world, different from ours, such as Halloween town in the nightmare before Christmas, they are more myths and legends. And I am glad that you liked it there

Oh sorry if I sent to many messages okay? I didn't know if I was blocked or something but I'm glad I wasn't and I'll only send one at time now.

So have you heard of Kira? They're quite popular around here and I'm hoping they'll make a full version of games like The Undying Beast.

hahahah don't worry, I don't know Kira, I'll keep an eye on her to see how she's doing