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yes I understand, it was experimenting for necrocage Vol 2, it is not too polished, even so thank you very much for playing it men *____+

Thanks for playing it, I'm glad you like it, this saga is over, the last one is the third in case you are interested, greetings mister +___*

Opino lo mismo,estaba con la secuela arreglando y añadiendo mecanicas mas chulas,gracias por tu review y por jugarlo *____+

Se queda corto en muchas cosas para mi gusto tambien, gracias por jugarlo Mister +___*

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graciaa a ti por jugarlo, me alegro que te gustase +___*

Quizas ambicioso graficamente,pero es basico de mecanicas,si que le falta muchisimo de pulir las mecanicas,muchas gracias por jugarlo y por la review Mister *___+

hahaha si ,tiene varios bugs todabia, agradezco el feedback, gracias por jugarlo +___*

Apreciate this ,And thenks for play Mister *___+

la camara tiene demasiada suabidad, es caotica si, la inovacion es mas bien que verticalmente controlas a Bya y en horizontal al viejuno

agradezco que lo jueges +___*

muchas gracias Mister +___*

si, conozco ese bug, pero ya no puedo arreglarlo hasta el final de la Jam gracias por decirmelo y por jugarlo mister

agradezco que lo allas jugado men

gracias por jugarlo mister+___*, collider de la pared verdad? 

Gracias Mister *___+ ,si tio,la maldita camara me jodio el juego hahahah

la barba es demasiado larga broh, gracias por tu review +__*

Eso es un alagazo mister,gracias por jugarlo 

Tranquilo,estoy de acuerdo,la camara es una mierda,la culpa fue meterle suavizado,muchas gracias por jugarlo *__+

Tomb Burtos en un grande,que se parezca me honra,gracias por jugarlo mister

las rocas son de opengameart, cambie las texturas, lo demas lo ize con pro build, una herramienta para modelar dendro del propio unity, recomedado +___*

me viene bien  la critica constructiva gracias por fijarte, era obligado realmente que fuese demasiado largo inconvenientemente? 

agradezco +___"

Muchas gracias mister *____#

Ya somos 2 Mister,la nostyalgia hahaha

Me alegro que te guste,gracias por jugarlo *__+

Haciendolo tambien me rei mucho,gracias por jugarlo *__+

si,el verano y el castillo tambien son demasiado largos,pero el tema esta en la barba si ,gracias por jugarlo *___+

Graxie *___+

Gracias por jugarlo *__+

hahahah don't worry, I don't know Kira, I'll keep an eye on her to see how she's doing

In their world they do not need change their clothes, since it is their world, different from ours, such as Halloween town in the nightmare before Christmas, they are more myths and legends. And I am glad that you liked it there

What Bya did was kill the Flower, She in the sequel has to escape from the spectrum and from time itself, it's more fun than it seems hahaha, spirits can't die, but if they are evil, another being can judge them and punish them, with things worse than dying

It is short because he had a period of 2 weeks to do it, it was for a Jam, in the sequel, the Spirit of Spring, he talk on the spirit of Christmas, so that he punishes Bya, he curses him with one spectrum, it will not be as short as the first

bya yes  traveling, since the heat affects all areas, depending on the season, all influlate depends on the season, Bya went there, and when  pulled the flower off I kill her, the heat each passing season was stronger, she does not support the heat, like me hahahha

I'm glad you like it +___+, thank you very much for playing mister

It's more like portals, like trees in a nightmare before Christmas, in the sequel one of the spirits punishes her with a time spectrum, I don't want to bore you with details, it will be seen in the sequel, by the way. , in my account I have several tomb raider games maybe you like them, especially the formenthera

I am very grateful for your interest, and yes, there is a spirit for each season, the flower was the natural core, the spirit did not create it, but only another spirit can bring it out.

Summer can be vital for certain living beings, but for her, she obviously will not miss summer.

His name is Bárrigan, he will have a cameo if, and of course he will dance hahahahha

It is good because there is no heat, but in general, it is bad, and yes, I will fix the protagonist * ___ +

im glad you like *___+