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I'm glad you're interested, play as many as you want, if you run into any problems you can let me know so I can help you +___+

It's always a pleasure when you play them, I appreciate it.

It makes me happy that you like it, I have a third part doing this, thanks for playing it. +__*

i love you comentary, and i love you miniature,make me happy that you liked it and that you reproduced all those stories, I appreciate the time you dedicated to it, it is a great video, I had a lot of fun watching it. *___+

It gets a little hard in some parts, I agree, I'm sorry about that mate hahaha, I appreciate that you took so much time to complete it and edit your video, I'm going to watch it all with pleasure, thanks again for playing my weird stuff *____+

I'm glad you like it mister, maybe you'll like some of its sequels too *__+

Juegazo rubia,corto pero intenso,me flipa *___+

It doesn't matter that not well known, I'm glad you like it, thank you for playing them. *___+

I'm glad you enjoyed it, I look forward to your gameplay but don't be in a hurry, I appreciate that you played it despite it being long mister *___+

I'm glad you enjoyed them, I'll be happy to help you if you encounter any problems or bugs in any of my games if you play them. *___+

yes my friend, the second is my favorite too *___*

wow, thank you mister, I love that you like them so much, I use unity as an engine, I  make the models in blender or I get them from the asset store, there are great things out there and sketchfab is so great *___+

I'm glad you like it, it's one of my favorite parts *___+

i hope you enjoing, thanks for playng mister +__*

thank you for play mister,any problem not hesitate in ask me 

Thank you for play mister *___+

you coment is cute *___+,thank you

This is also my favorite, I'm glad you liked it friend, wait for this video and thank you very much for playing it *___+

Yes, it is quite long, when you finish a chapter it is unlocked in the menu, so it won't be boring, my friend, play version 1.3, it has the least problems, thanks for trying it *___*

Obrigado por isso mister, um abraço grande *___+

Insanity Souls is now available for free, a SoulsLike with Terror that continues the story of Abigail & Zoe (Dismember Mind) and ends another.

Language Español/English


I'm very glad you played this one too, I hope you enjoyed it *__+

You are very kind my friend, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do doing it hahaha, thank you very much *__*

Thank you mister, try it when you can, the game is a bit long, but it is saved by chapters *___+

Thank you super sis *__+ you epic

I am currently in progress on The Second Part of Insanity Souls, I estimate that in a month or less it will be free on and Gamejolt

Starring Abigail again, it is a Souls-like horror and action game, despite belonging to the Souls genre, this little game is exclusive to keyboard and mouse.

The game recognizes the joysticks, if you play with them you need to disconnect them, you may have problems, if there are any other problems, if necessary, you can also start using the latest version, there are other variations of serious errors.

Hello mister, you are absolutely right, I tried to include a save system, even though the project is too old and was broken everywhere, I am sorry for your mistake with that monster, I will try to fix it, as for the narrative I can only spoil the fact that the protagonist she sees it she sees it, she really sees it, she's not crazy, I'll release the second part soon, I'm sorry for the mistakes and thank you very much for giving it a great try since you literally had 5 minutes left to finish *___+

Sorry dude, this game doesn't have a translation

So nice!, thanks for taking the time, and for playing all 3 *___+

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This a problem is you Windows Security , try add the folder in exclusions :

Thank you my man, im glad you enjoi this trilogy *___+

Is awesome, you super kind, thank you for play mutch sagas, if you any problem not worry in ask me friend *___+

thanks mister, imglad you fave *_____*

I configured it for controller, but any mouse should work fine, let me know if there what is error and I will help you. *___+

Thank you very much for playing, yes, it is the same project as my eye inside out, good eye friend, I really appreciate the interest *___+ (I am currently with Necrocage 3 and 4)

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I'm glad you like it mister, it's an honor to make games for people like you *___*

IK is the name of the protagonist, her soul is the ball of light that controls the robot, (Ik appears at the end, in metal.ik 3) *__*

is for windows, Try download the trilogy, 

Yes, the epic Fellow, even though I really came for corpsebomb, he plays a lot of indie and very well commented, thanks for that mister, if you have any problem, tell me without fear, a hug *___+