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this is quite difficult to finish, although super short, it is a jam game, I appreciate you trying it mister

i try to add a save system whenever i can now, always a pain to replay zones hahah, thanks to you for playing it +___*

I am afraid that if you close the game, the control points are broken, it is not very long and I do not work a save system

The first version has serious bugs that prevent progress, I always recommend the latest version *___+

no, but the link is broken, in a couple of hours I'll fix it

the genre is Synthwave, it's great, thanks for playing it *___+

nice gameplay, i glad you like it , thanks for play *__*

I appreciate you commenting on your feedback, it helps me a lot *___+

Did you find it very difficult? Did you not finish it?

I'm glad that at least you have fun, I appreciate that you played it

I am really glad that you liked it, I love doing these things for people like you, it is a pleasure, if you are interested in completing the story I recommend the Dismember Mind trilogy, in order the story would be "My Eyes Inside Out, Dismember mind and Insanity Souls", a hug my lady *___+

Me alegro que te guste, quizas te interese saber que es una trilogia, gracias por jugarlo mister *___+

I'm glad you like this one, you played it really well, you accessed that area before time, but I made it so you could come back if that happened, I hope you like the last one, all 3 are different from each other, thanks again for playing it *____+

I am very glad that you are interested in this series, I liked your video, I love how you comment, thanks for play *___+

I am very glad that you liked it, good video my man *___+, if the ending is quite raw, I made the script a long time ago and when I was creating that last scene I had a hard time hahahaha

I'm glad you like it, thank to you for play

I'm glad you liked it, I appreciate that you played it *___+

I never get rid of exit bugs hahahah, thanks for playing it super fellow

I LOVE the aesthetics, the drift system and the trick system too, you really made my night, the only bad thing about the game is that it only has one race, thanks for creating this gem. By the way, it is tested on an Old Windows 7 32-bit PC and it runs super nice

Thenks to you for play,of course guy*___+

outch, moving when there is cinematic breaks the game everywhere, try loading checkpoint from inventory, glad you like the style <3

Thenks you for play,anybug you find talk me hahahah

I agree, a lot of checkpoints to balance a lot of failures, but I love that they compare it to the work of mcgee and I'm glad you liked it * ___ +

I'm glad you like it, pacifist route is always good hahahha

thenks man ,nice video *____+

thanks for your comment, it motivates me a lot, good video mister *___+

I'm glad you had a good time, thanks for playing it *___+

se agradece el comentario y el interes +__*

I'm sorry you couldn't finish it, thank you very much for playing it my man +___*the next will more clean for buggs

that flatters me, maybe apart from necrocage 3 he is working for one more game in the same world, that there is interest in him I revive him several times hahahathat flatters me, maybe apart from necrocage 3 he is working for one more game in the same world, that there is interest in him I revive him several times hahaha

I would like to see that of course, he still has a few months left also for necrocage 3 ahahha

try conect god you joystick

honor me you liked *___+,nice gameplay,if you just created that 10-hour necrocage video, the best thing is to mute the music that alerts to copyright, it's a lot of work to achieve nothing, don't worry for my part, and thanks for playing this too my men

I feel honored with such an assessment,thank you for play *____*

thanks for playing it even so, the theme of the cinematics that weapons are displayed is a problem by far, the code is too old and I still haven't found a solution for everything else I'll look for those bugs, thanks also for the review *___+

awesome pixelart, epic for this year, vivesalone in the dark but 2d

need winrar to extract folder,inside the folder launch with .exe

It looks super interesting, many mechanics, it really gives a lot of ideas

yess sis i made a another with similar control but psx stile,very weird too hahahah

very thenks sup Queen *_____+

Thenks man,i fixed this,the project is very old ,but I managed to fix it to be able to finish it, even with many failures, I really appreciate your comment and that you played *___+