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I actually fucking enjoyed this game, but so salty because i'm just a huge sappy person and when I thought would be a great answer, WHAM! had to restart from the very beginning. BUT overall I just loved it completely, it has taken over my life and now all I can do is laugh at how it can be meme central, to a heartwarming and serious scene. I screamed about this game to my local friends that THEY have to play it, and they are thinking about it so IFGBNOBENGRIOBRGVBRQEBGEUIGBEGVIUGN. Also, I don't care about the save file anymore, it's worth it to play the thing over and over, I really do fucking appreciate this game.  It was the BEST DATING SIM that I have ever played yet so far. Those titties though OOF!

thank you so much! im happy you enjoyed it, and im happy you encouraged your friends to play it! <3