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I've made a topdown shooter based on your graphics. It's still in it's early versions so some animations are not complete and towers and some guns have not yet been implemented. It's for iOS devices and works with both iPhone and iPad.

I've used the colour palette to create some more graphics, and I've made a new map and changes a few of the game mechanics from the gif.

PS. I'm just starting out at coding and am new at Xcode. I'm only 12 so don't be too harsh.

Here is the link to the app

Tell me where I can improve. I'm releasing v.2.0 soon with new guns (hopefully), a new boss and lots of known bugs fixed.


Really cool!


I'd like to know where you got the walls in the gif, and if you could possibly make a new asset pack with maps for topdown games like mine. If so, I'd be interested.

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Here's the original tileset I used with this: Link

I thought that it was included as a part of this pack, but maybe not. In any case, it's free for anyone to use without usage restrictions.