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I am absolutely in love with parody games like this. Arthur was a flashback to my childhood and I'm a sucker for nostalgia. The atmosphere was perfect and I think you did a pretty good job on the house layout / models. The mechanics and audio queues were perfect and it created a sense of urgency that was just enough to keep me gritting my teeth. The only issue I had with the game (and it's more or less a YouTube problem) was the sound that plays once you are 6/10 every night. Apparently this sound is super prone to being copyright claimed. I actually had to re-edit and re-upload the video twice to cut out bits and pieces because it kept getting claimed by random techno songs. I don't really think that was your fault, but it was pretty irritating as a content creator so I figured I'd throw it out there. The opening/closing cinematics were great and really put the story to a simple close. I'm a big fan of your games and I plan on playing Thermomorph as soon as I get the chance. Thanks so much for making this!