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There is a guy who just sold a collection of these here:

He said you gave him your blessing, is this true or is this the same scammer?

I need to know so I can warn people or lay the fears to rest.

Please respond ASAP.

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Not sure really. I recklessly gave my “blessing” to many people to make their projects not knowing what they are. Most of the cases it turned out great. This is not one of those cases.

I also maintain that this is perfectly in line with  the license.

it’s just not all right towards fellow human beings.

All ntfs I’m aware of are scams and this one is no different. I encourage you to warn whomever you feel is in danger of it.

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Oh no, I am deep in the NFT and Crypto space, a lot are not scams. A lot are legitimate creative projects, but a lot are cash grabs though, but scams are only those who steal the money and don't send an NFT, those who steal others work, or those make fake promises. I think this project is somewhere in the middle but leaning more towards bad natured due to the complete lack of transparency. He should have been completely clear it was not his work and he was using someone else's that could easily be replicated, but then I bet far fewer people would have got involved. He has been very absent from his community as well and that was a big red flag to me.


Sorry, to disappoint. I guess we won't be able to agree on that.

I'm just not seeing how someone can "have" one (or more) of the pixel dudes in any meaningful ways. You're interested, so obviously you're aware of all the ethical questions about NFTs; no point to argue about that one.

I just don't believe any of the people who've recently offered me to build a generator of pixel characters for them (such an amazing opportunity! /s) is interested in the crafts and arts of procedural generation rather then of chasing magic green paper without providing anything of value. This is just one of the instances of the insanity of the capitalist society, to be fair - not the worst of them.

On the personal note - I'm just annoyed to be associated with something I consider ethically suspicious at best.