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yeah, the big guy is the "boss". I wanted to keep it short. I wanted people to be able to pick him up too, because it's funny to have that large of an enemy on your sword, but because of this, if you kill all enemies other than him, you can't win. I could fix this by making a spawner to spawn more enemies if the instance count gets below a threshold, but I didn't think of that during the jam and got too worried about getting a video done.

The glitch you encountered I believe happens when you die and the game restarts, the variables aren't being reinitialized correctly, and the game is trying to find an instance of an object that doesn't exist yet. So unfortunately you have to close the game and re run if you die.

Also, the wall jump mechanic was something I never tried before, and likely would have absorbed a lot of time to get working the way I wanted, so I just said good nuff and moved on. Gives me something to work on for next time!