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  • Start near a dense cluster of planets. Planet connection costs are your main early game expense.
  • Ruin - ocean - hive is the only good starting loop. Restart if you don't have one in your first few pings
  • Get Gold and Blue planets asap and whenver possible. These disproportionately boost revenue and happiness
  • Slip gates cost too much time and money to be worthwhile.
  • First lab around year 5, second science before year 10.


  • Drillbots, space folding
  • Geneseeds, Forgeworld conversion tech
  • +15% money, 2 month world colonization, hiveworld conversion (didn't use)
  • Extra months per year(didn't use), ascention (Only had time for 1)


  • Great game :)))))
  • ^ Seriously, lots of fun.
  • It's annoying trying to figure out if a satalite will reveal a planet right at its edge
  • As above, slipways are the most fun to use, but are too time/money expensive if you're going for high score.
  • The trade-tree is a bit too limited. There are usually only one or two possible routes given any set of planets, which takes out some of the strategy. More wildcard type planets like the ruin-worlds might help with this.

how do you play the game without slipways?