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Hello :), I'm Nat. I'm a comp sci research-intern/PhD-student, currently living in Japan.

Skills I practice:
I can program (mostly in python, which I've been using for work-work for the last ~3 years, while I've been programming for around 5-6 years). I've been beginning programming games stuff in pygame for a little while (maybe around a year now). The main online evidence of this so far is the game dev thread I just made here... and a bit of stuff on my tumblr.

I did my undergrad/masters in maths and physics, which seems to come in handy for games/programming fairly often :).

I also do some drawings.

How familiar I am with jams:

This will be my first game jam of any kind!

What I'd like to get out of the jam experience:

Well, I'd like to be able to work with a cool person (or a few cool people) to chat about game-dev stuff with and hopefully work with again in the future :).

Ideally, at the end of LD we will have at least some kind of short playable fun/meaningful game. I'm not expecting any level of polish within this kind of time frame, haha, but I want to try my best and have a game we can show to others.

I want to program the game in pygame. I'd definitely be excited to work with other programmers, if they were okay to work in that environment. Apart from that, working with 2D animators or artists would be awesome and I'd be really interested in working with a sound/music person! I think sound really adds a lot to games and it's something I am not at all skilled in at all.

As for concepts and writing I'd to work together on those things (if that interests you as well :)).

I like a pretty big range of games; diablo 2, a dark room, animal crossing, Bayonetta, cookie clicker, theme hospital, spyro, pokemon, god of war, little inferno, plants vs zombies, mariokart, don't starve... I think the only genre I've never gotten into though is FPS, haha, maybe one day! I'm open to a pretty wide range of styles and types of game for LD, but I'd like to go for something short, because I'd really like some level of completion.

How much time I think I can put into it (also notes on timezones)

Like I said before, I'm in Japan, but working with people in other time zones will be fine for me, I don't mind staying up late/getting up early :). I'll be available basically the whole weekend and I plan to work pretty hard for the whole time.... However, I will be on a plane for a lot of the last day, and my experience of plane wifi is that it isn't very good (my fingers are crossed for plug sockets, also, but luckily my laptop battery is pretty good... also I guess I have to sleep sometimes :P). I'll also land that day (then in UK time) so I can hopefully have a few hours to catch up in the final hours :)

TLDR; Looking to work with sound/music people, 2D artists and/or pygame programmers, and ideally, I'd like to share the writing/concept stuff with any/all of those people :).

If you're interested in working together, then send me an email at