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why does the AI start with a fully developed town even on the easiest difficulty even though the player doesn't start with even a single building?

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A well developed skirmish style AI is going to be a challenge to implement, but it's on the road map.

ah right i actually suspected that this is the case a while after posting that. i hope you put some more settings in the match creation including the ability to play with no AI opponents. i get your game is more about fighting but i find the economy management in most rts-games enjoyable enough by itself. plus i don't like the preassure RTS-games put on you when there is no ability to pause the action so you can think and give commands. this game isn't looking too bad so far tho.

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll add a Sandbox build further down the road for players like yourself. :)
Also, several people have suggested adding a pause button, so I've added that to my to do list as well.