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I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I close the back door and turned on the light and music as I am supposed to. I interact with the customers through the microphone and give them the correct ticket they asked for but for some reason that's wrong? What am I missing because nothing in the game explained anything else. I even checked the cash register and there's nothing I can do with it. 

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The "tutorial" of sorts is a few post it notes on the sliding door and the handbook which is in the back half of the booth.

The handbook explains in a bit better detail, but if you scroll the mousewheel up and down while looking at the microphones to speak with them you have a wider variety of options to interact with.

In order to correctly give a ticket out you need to: ask for what movie they want to see, ask for their money, ensure they have money to pay, and give them the correct ticket. If a movie is rated R, you must also check for an ID before handing them the ticket.

Sorry about the confusion!


Thanks that really cleared things up.