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A friend called in yesterday to show me his new PC, I set it up on my monitor and spotted a shortcut to this game. I asked him for a demo, but he declined saying he couldn't play it. I'd seen it in a YouTube video and thought I'd enjoy it.  I'm aged 70 and stuck in bed 24/7 due to a war service injury. These type of programs are simple to operate and doesn't have you dying every few minutes or trying to race against a clock, my favourite type game. I asked my friend if I could try to fix it for him and he said why not. 

What it's doing is showing a really good picture, but it continually glitches for a second then continues. This makes it very hard to playas there's no control whilst it's freezing. I managed to get a decent floor down, but as I clicked to place a pole, it crashed. I tried changing resolution and knock back the settings, but with everything set to the slowest mark and resolution at 640 x 480 it still did exactly the same. Nothing I did would cure the continual pauses and I'm dubious about buying it if it does the same on my computer, which has the same CPU and graphics card. I found it strange that he could run some of the latest graphics intensive games, But not a relatively simple game. Obviously there's something the game doesn't like. Is there a known problem with similar CPU's or GPU's ? If it's fixable I'll purchase the game in an instant.

Kind regards   Stu

The computer consists of an AMD CPU at 3.30Ghz and a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6Gb Graphics card.

The OS was Windows 10, current update.  The monitor is a Samsung 23"