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This is quite possibly the most beautiful indie game I have played to date. This is directly from indie developers without large backing or names to ride fame upon. This game represents what I love about the indie community. The amount of time and effort which went into this game is truly unimaginable. I cannot believe the quality of the voice acting mixed in with such fantastical music. I am terribly saddened by the demise of this game before full development, however I completely understand considering my own circumstances. For a free HTML game which could have been a massive download alone, I am glad I had the luxury of playing such a wonderful experience. Despite the 3D models contrasting with the painted background, I cannot say a bad thing about this game due to the level of immersion you have placed through all of the story's elements. The artwork which hit me from the start screen was truly astonishing, throughout the entire game I was distracted by what appeared to be brush marks while playing it. It is such a beautiful gem of the internet. Again I am completely sympathetic as to why production could not continue, but it is certainly a shame to see it go. I LOVED this experience. The voice acting was so real, the emotions were extremely present behind the voices. This is a prime example of what the indie community has to offer worldwide, no matter what countries developers or gamers come from, it is amazing to see products such as this.  I picked up on a "German" accent of the characters, except for the kid and the captain, however this only added more depth to the game itself. Looking back on the experience, I am still in disbelief over such quality you have created for us to enjoy. I can only hope that you might continue development, despite circumstances, but this was indeed quite wonderful. I hope I gave justice to the emotions of this game with my silly video, Thank You!