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I played through the whole thing! I can't imagine this was easy to make.

I'll give you some constructive criticism. I think a menu system here would have added a lot, and a level select to give the player a sense of how much progress they've made. The big thing I learned after making my first game was to think hard about the controls, because what's intuitive to you might not be for other players. Here I think W to jump is a little odd, and its a bit temperamental. Space to jump and E to pick up objects makes sense to me.  I think some of the puzzles are a little over designed, for example there is one near the end with two lamps, a button, and an orb; the lamps and button are completely unnecessary to solve the puzzle. Ideally each puzzle should teach the player something new; there was a string of puzzles where the flashing orb was introduced in which the exact same solution could be applied to three puzzles in a row. 

Your puzzle with the two sticky orbs (in your screen shots) was the best one. It really made you think. The sticky orbs in general were a great idea. I feel you could make a whole game involving just those orbs; you could make a really interesting level with three or four of them. Also the puzzles involving throwing the orb were dope. I think you have some really cool ideas here and you should definitely be proud of this.

I agree about the controls. I lean back in my chair and one hand on arrow keys, add gamepad support. bing bang boom done, right? right? RIGHT? haha I'll probably go back at some point and make the changes you've suggested, letting left handed/WASD controls feel better and more natural for players who perfer that. (most, apparently?).

I agree with all of your feedback. Menu, of course  - I also need to implement a high-contrast/color blind mode, and a way to enable that. I'm glad you mentioned the  level design and challenge progression. Being frustrated with the progression and curve, and roughly but not specifically knowing the steps to improve it was one of my biggest blocks. Probably the one major component that kept me, for months, from wanting to 'put this in the wild'. How much should the puzzle be platforming? Timing? Shouldn't it all be the tricky mind-bending parts? I went back and forth with these questions a lot. And still do! 

I really appreciate the time you spent to play through this and the constructive criticism. I'm really blown away by how friendly and supportive the community has been, even for this one little project! I'm seriously inspired and more confident on bringing more of my projects to light here (you know... when they're done). Thanks!