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Thank you so much for the review! Your player being "devastated" at the un-goat-ening had me ROLLING, haha.

Glad you had a good time with it, and excited that your players ended up having to reflect on their actions. A lot of the "return to town" necessity was for mathematical reasons (your average solo player is super unlikely to be able to clear the dungeon unless they get money for hirelings), so it makes sense that with a full party and some system conversions, the party just treated the dungeon as a clearable "gauntlet dungeon" rather than a more mysterious and resource-exhausting "classic dungeon".

Out of curiosity, (SPOILERS AHEAD) how did your players react to the reveal? Did they shrug it off or were they taken aback?


They were a little taken aback! There was a lot of “are we the baddies?” gut checking going on at the table.