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Hi, thank you for trying the game and for your comment. It's nice to see people like this kind of concept for a game. Actually this is a project that the team has been developing for a final project of grade, and the main idea of the game is to show people  how difficult it can be to access to education in some places, it's based on the history of a documentary, but to explain a more detailed concept in the game we would need to investigate more thoroughly.

When we was thinking about what kind of elements could be involved in progressing through the place, one of the main elements we thought was the water, because of the warm and dry weather of the place and the problem that suppose to be able to get water there, causing problems due to thirst as you said.

 At this moment we are waiting for the project to be evaluated and, if we have time and we are allowed to improve some things, we've thought about translating the game to help more people to get a better idea of all what game tries to explain, although about textures, I can't assure if, in case we are allowed to do some changes before the evaluation, the art team might be working on it, we'll see, thanks again for take your time in play the game and comment.

Translating it in english would be great because as you said it, it will reach a larger audience and I would love to fully understand the story because it sounds interesting. 

Looking forward for the next version.