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I did a little digging and found something out: the thing is, your Windows and Linux builds only have JRE for macOS, so they cannot be running on the above systems. I downloaded Windows build, removed existed "jre" folder and do "jlink" stuff in it, and the game launched after that. I think, you may want to install Windows and Ubuntu in VM and generate your own JREs in it, but if you don't want to (or you're too lazy for that), I can give you generated JREs for these systems.

By the way, your source code helped me do a full translation of this game on Russian, thank you so much for this. But aside from that, you really do an awesome work, and I'll be looking forward to your next projects in the future.

If you could provide the Windows JRE, that would be excellent. The documentation didn’t specify to make the JRE for each platform, though this should be resolved soon (docs, that is).

Here you go:


Thank you! I’ll include it in the support doc until I can build new versions