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I can see a bright future for this game. It has very interesting mechanics involving a wonderfully implemented inventory system, a throwback style to older but refined graphics, and most of all a captivating narrative. I found myself immersed by the journey accompanied by the music, not to mention I am shocked considering this is not only FREE, but also a student project. How wonderfully delightful you have developed such an awesome experience for everyone to enjoy. I was really hoping for an expansion following the safe haven, however I am willing to wait for the great game which is to come. Although I myself found the combat sequence a bit repetitive, I sincerely appreciate what the game's mechanics are actually about. I love this game and can be defined as my first REAL dungeon crawling adventure because of the advanced settings of the game. I must say the environment and ambient music tracks really helped with the immersion factor, I truly was able to lose myself to the game and then realized how long I had actually been playing for. I truly thank you for such a gift to the indie community and hope you grow this into a full release, so I and many others can experience a wonderful work of art.  

Thank you so much for the feedback! I thoroughly enjoyed watching your playthrough! It was indeed a student project and due to that the scope was limited. We have plans to expand the universe and potentially create a full-length game in the setting. Thank you for playing!