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Hard bugs and some suggestions:

1: Blue fighters will damage anything in their path if they have no target (including you)

2: You can see through Holo by mousing over it's blocks (I think Holo should just be re purposed; all it does is offer confusion to new players and waste time for experienced ones)

3: Enemy Nanites cannot stack, while yours can

(off topic: Nanites should have a lifespan similar to mines. They can be very annoying while looting an enemy who spammed them after battle and they make it super hard to get around. I also recommend adding the enemy core to the palette for bug testing)

1. Fighters fixed for next update.

2. I don't mind that you can use mouse to look through a holo, you still have to guess it's a holo - even though ship designs are currently too basic to hide it. I still find it interesting to fight against and can make use of the AI effect. I don't intend to have every block available in the full game, and this block is unlikely to make it into the opening selection. But I see no need to cut it.

3. The enemy nanites can stack, it just happens rarely. I've added a condition preventing clouds from moving into an area with a trigger already in it (bullets / clouds / fuel). This should make things clearer. Adding a time limit means natural clouds can't exist. Adding even more variants of clouds is confusing. If a way to shoo clouds around becomes available I will add it, but currently the code doesn't support this.

If there is a block that is not on the editor palette then it's because it's not a simple as clicking it into existence. If adding enemy ships at random become simple and definitely not the cause of a bug, I will add it.