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It looks really good graphically, there are some pretty creepy moments, and some puzzles (especially the puzzle to find the numbers for the phone) are really good, but the description of the game kinda led me to believe that a monster was going to be hunting me throughout the game, and I'm assuming it was just the sheet ghost, but there's only the 2 interactions with it and it never really becomes threatening to me, just a creepy, non-moving entity. While it looks really good, i think a more threatening looking model would be better. Also, maybe work on the volume control. The scream from the daughter on the phone seriously hurt my ears but the volume from everything else felt pretty normal. Also, I've seen a few playthroughs of the game (just 3) just to make sure I wasn't a complete idiot for not understanding the painting puzzle, but all of them just guessed. I'd suggest some sort of indicator as to what order to put them in as I feel like there's at least one from each selection that could match the hints. Take the hint on death. One of the painting selections had 2 that made sense with having death, and then another selction also has death, and 2 of those 3 painting literally have Death in them, but it's neither one of those! There's a painting of people that look blind, but that painting isn't the one the blind hint is talking about? I just don't think that puzzle is very well made at all and maybe some different painting choices would work better. Sorry for the super long review, but I just feel like this could have been a lot better than what it is now, especially with how good looking all the environment is.

All in all, it's still pretty fun, although I kinda stopped having a very fun time after my ears started hurting. Made a playthough, hope you enjoy.