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Hi Spudcats!

What do you think so far? Any feedback and comment on Long Road Ahead? 


Really loved the art style of the game and the road was interesting. I wanted to see what else was hidden in the woods. The visual novel way of telling the story worked perfectly giving the player the story and allowing it to be told by characters who know just enough to get you curious about the road. It works well and I want to see what other stories you want to tell.

The only problem I really had with the game were the parts where you control the character. They felt out of place having nothing to really add to the overall game. They could be improved by allowing the player to gain more information about the story from objects or dialogue options in the area. You could have the cashier have some dialogue warning the player about the shortcut or having missing posters on the side of the building  the player could look at making the world seem a little more alive during those little parts.

Overall it's a good game with a great art style and interesting story, the game could be improved with a little bit of more interaction with the world but it works as it is and I want to see what else you will come up with in the next game. 


Thank you so much for the feedback Spudcats! Much appreciated.