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We're working on an updated version to be released near the end of the month.

It uses my newer input manager to replace the crappy Unity one. Currently it's configured for X360 controller and to modify it you have to use the garbo unity input manager when you start the game. The new input manager I wrote auto-detects most controllers, and has an in game menu to change inputs if you don't like the default.

We can not move to a newer version of Unity for this game. We will be moving to the newer Unity in our future games after this series is done.

Splash screen removal requires premium Unity. We are not currently at the budget level to afford doing so (this is a 2-man project done in our garage).

Inputs are defined in the title screen under 'Controls'. In the newer version that comes out later this month the controls screen will also appear in the pause menu. On keyboard/mouse you hold right click to aim, and left click to fire (if you're on mac with one button mouse, you're sort of shit out of luck in the current version).

  • Looking forward to the updated controls.  I typically use either a Logitech or PS4 controller so hopefully those are supported.
  • Can't move to a newer version of Unity?  Well, anyway, I was getting the same message on many apps, yours was just the first.  Turns out it's because Apple is dropping support for 32-bit apps.  If you replace this with a 64-bit build from the same Unity version, it should fix that (and prevent support from being dropped by Apple entirely in a couple months)
  • To get rid of the splash screen, go to Edit, Project Settings, Player.  In the inspector, go to the Standalone Player tab, Resolution and Presentation, and change Display Resolution Dialog from "Enabled" to "Disabled".  I don't think you need the pro version.
  • I don't think there's actually such a thing as a one-button mac mouse, not for 15-20 years.  Anyway, I don't know of any Mac gamers who even use Apple mice. I use Razer.
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Oh you're not talking about the splash screen (where it says 'made with unity' on startup). You mean the configuration window that appears before the game starts.

Yeah, that's there because it's where you can configure the inputs for your controller.

Yeah, the update supports PS4 controller. And of course the config window will no longer be there since we've changed out the input manager. These are the profiles I've defined so far:

And yeah, we can't move version. We're on version lock since updating to Unity2017 would be a huge amount of work. There's no point in doing that, it doesn't have anything we need.