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My husband gave me the game this morning and I love it so far. 

Things I'd like to see tweaked:

-You grow a pineapple plant by chopping the spiky top off and sticking it in the ground.  There are no seeds.  I'd love to see little spiky tufts instead of seeds.

-The bird seems to be broken.  She flies through my walls (or maybe my closed door) to eat my plants. She seems to ignore the 4 scarecrows I have surrounding my crops, but maybe I'm doing something wrong with the placement.

-Ranged weapons. Maybe an addition to the spear to anchor it to the boat with rope like a harpoon? I think I'd like something like that more than a bow and arrow, but only for theme purposes. Arrows would probably be easier on resources, but perhaps some kind of feathered dart would be okay.

-Shark weapons. Look up Hawaiian Weapons.  A lot of them are carved wood with shark teeth embedded into the edges.  I think that would be a cool way to make killing the shark more rewarding.  It's hard to fully engage my inner homicidal maniac when all I have to look forward to is a more-pointy pointy stick.

edit: How do you pause the game?