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I really loved this game! It was so sweet. I honestly wish I had a relationship like Zip and Snap's haha

Just a few suggestions:

1. Maybe make an option to save? Or at least give the player warning that they can't save, as I played for 5-10 mins before having to go at first and then realised I couldn't save.

2. It might be handy to give the player a short explanation of how the indicators on Snap and Zip's heads work, because it took me quite a bit to realise that it went from blurry to sharp if you were facing a scanning point. Either that or possibly make it more obvious, like make it disappear altogether if you're not near one, rather than just go blurry.

3. Perhaps, when you're looking for that place to sit down, you could have the indicators on Zip and Snap's head show you where that is, rather than still leading you to normal scanning points - unless it does lead you to the romance spots, and I was just quite poor at following where I was directed haha

But of course it's all your game, so these are your calls to make! I just thought I'd bring up a couple of troubles I got when playing just in case. Please don't feel pressured to change things if you don't want to

It's still a wonderful game though, and I enjoyed playing it and reading the dialogues very much ^^

Thank you for creating this!

Awh thanks for the kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

And thanks for the feedback too;

1 - Yes! I'm not using a VN framework (nor have much experience with them dev-wise), so no saving. Will add a popup.

2 - Ahh, so that's actually a visual bug! They're supposed to render clear and sharp at all times, but it looks like Unity's depth-of-field effect is blurring them (??? will have a look)

3 - Ok, that's a reasonable idea, I can do that (maybe as a warmer/colder visual, lending itself to the moment) - I was hoping that they would be stand-out enough that players would try to remember them, but fair enough!