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You are very kind, thank you.

For us this is a very simple situation. We have to think through all of the details, it'd be very silly just doing things haphazardly. In the case of an actual game development company they might design their games for maximum revenue or maximum play time, but in our case we try to, among other things, make Minotaur Hotel a sort of game that maximizes ethics and consumer-friendly practices "baked into" its design.

This includes release hour, of course. Picking a time that's the most fair and friendly to our readers is just the right thing to do, and then announcing it clearly is easy. This is not a difficult thing to do.

It also really helps that our readers are very kind and thoughtful, so that makes it very easy to respond with the same level of civility.

Though, for the record, we don't consider ourselves game developers. We are just some guys messing around and having fun while doing this insanely niche project that would never have been created in any other point in the history of mankind.