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2 hard bugs:

Visual bug:  Having 2 diagonally adjacent rock/ bomb facs facing into the same empty space create a displaced "ghost" asteroid upon activating.

Lazer bug: having 2 Lazer guns (tractor beam or beam gun) with equal HP shoot each other,  the northern/eastern one will always survive. 

Cheers. The bomb fac is probably multiple push effects on one rock. The laser is odd - blocks execute in the order they were placed on the ship, will investigate. Should be able to fix for next update.

Tested the laser thing. I got it slightly wrong: It's the most recently added block that acts first. This was done to help the code remove blocks that killed themselves, but that was before I realised that some blocks tear the ship in two - it's safer to count the dead afterwards.

Looks like the laser is obeying attachment order so I'll have to call that one wild for now. Though this does make me wonder about which way the blocks should iterate. New blocks or old blocks first?

Astro-fac is behaving normally after I've added some more rules for pushing. Also putting an end to pushing a core block hit by gauss. It's amusing but it's gonna break stuff.