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Hi, PangHerHeart!
Let's slack off indeed! Thank you for dropping by and for the greeting <3 *hugg

The people here seems to like the bad endings x'D I guess I don't have to worry then lol
But I get it! I didn't like tragedy because they always make me cry--but somehow, I always return for more rofl. 

Good guess with the hot spring event, but you're wrong this time~
Someone is doing something stupid but for once, it's not Kahlil! Look forward to it and I hope you have a good laugh OuO)b

I agree, writing Arya can sometimes be painful :')) I don't want to, but Arya is being Arya and I can't exactly prevent it OTL but don't worry, Maya is not a pushover! imo, they have the greatest relationship development compared to the other two--which is why I will advice you to do his route last xD

As for him quoting who, here, let me give you a link!
Don't be too surprised okay? This is just for fun and I think this person who I'm going to show you is as sassy as Arya x'D

Last but not least, good luck with Guntur!