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For me too,  it is impossible to get Shuu's confession scene while having full charts and spending every single day with him, even on Friday, where he is glitched into Shiba and you can't see him unless you enter in the restaurant. My April fools day scene also never showed up.

Should be fixed in latest ver. Need to redownload. What do you mean by glitched into Shiba? 

here it looks like this...and it shows up on Friday map  is if only Shiba  is there

Oh, I see. Will upload new build soon.

Also, apparently there's a bug with Shuu's dating that causes it to not increase any love point (Which is why it's near impossible to get his confession event. Will fix this in newest build as well.

Will it also fix Shuu not changing out of his robe and into normal clothes on dates, funny though exhibitionist Shuu may be.

That one's already fixed in latest ver tho.

Thank you so much for your hard work! Love your game :)