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The demo is a ton of fun. I like the feeling of going fast and having to bounce between platforms. The music section is a bit tricky but carries the hype. I also like how the tower in the distance is what your running towards. I just wish it was something a bit more then a pointy thing.

Thanks for playing it! Unfortunately I can't promise anything about the obelisk for the time being. But! After almost a year of silence, a vastly improved demo is coming out this weekend, it revises everything you saw and adds more context as well as a second zone. You might like it!

I'll make sure to play it. My main gripe with the obelisk is it looks so cool when your running towards it, it just has no value. But aside from that I'm really excited to see where this project goes.

Helo helo! Coming back just to say the new demo is now available!

Yeah I played it. It's pretty good although I noticed that I couldn't jump from a stand still. That and the ferrest has been majorly cut down, it use to be much longer.

Oh weird, I have no issues with jumping while standing. And yeah, for this demo specifically we tried to show more of the newer parts. It's still possible to backtrack, but definitely not convenient ahaha