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Neat and creative concept, Uncanny! Great work!
A thought ran through my mind, what if you had to dodge certain words, from the supposed antagonist?
Anyhow, I like the font usage as well!

Just to let you know, there was one instance where the white and blue text got mixed up (not sure if it was intentional) it's near the word concrete.


Thanks very much, akhmin! I'm glad you had fun.

The words being an obstacle would be really cool. I actually tried doing that with the red words, but I just kept running into glitches. Ultimately, I decided I didn't want the game to be hard at all, so I took it out. I think though it makes the enemy pretty nonthreatening. Next time around, I'll definitely give it another go!

The white and blue text getting mixed up around there is indeed deliberate, I wanted it to make it so the two characters were rhyming together. That said, the fact it looks like a mistake means I need to commit to it a bit more. Thank you for pointing this out to me!

Glad you enjoyed it and have a great day!