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Took me a lot longer than it should have to make this video, not because this video is a whole damn hour long , but I tried the day before and couldn't find the restart level button and just used the restart cart from the menu (i'd recommend putting a restart level option there too rather than just saying what the key is on the game's page) so it took me forever just to get to level 10. But aside from that, this game is really well designed! I love the old school vibes it has. The puzzles are very well designed! They can be pretty challenging at times but that's really the point of a puzzle game and even though they were frustrating in some spots, I very much enjoyed them! Very well done! My only suggestion would be a save mechanic, cause there are a large amount of tough puzzles in here and it'd take a pretty long time to get through every level nonstop. I hope you enjoy the video, though I don't expect anyone to watch a lot of it!