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Rebinding scene explanation

Sinput includes a scene that can be included in your game to let players rebind their controls, You will need to handle loading the scene from your game, and deciding what happens when the 'Quit' button is used.

Honestly, this is system kind of a mess behind the scenes so if you want to study it in order to make your own rebinding interface you might have trouble if you aren't familiar with how Sinput works internally. I'm working on simplifying it but for now, this is it (sorry).

If you have any feedback on this scene or what it's like to integrate, please let me know! I think every game should let players rebind their controls so if I can do anything to make it easier for you to include this I'd love to know :)

Rebind Menu Settings

You can specify extra settings which appear at the top of the rebind menu with the RebindMenuSettings asset (select via the menu with Sinput > Rebind Menu Settings). You can use this to expose overall mouse sensitivity, which controls can be set as toggling, which smart controls can be inverted, and create sensitivities for groups of smart controls (e.g; You can create a "Look" sensitivity which effects both "Look Vertical" and "Look Horizontal").

You can also just disable these settings entirely if they are not applicable to your game (but I would strongly recommend you consider what might be useful to your players, these features can make a difference for how accessible your game is to play).