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first of all, I want to say that I LOVE this game so far! I'm just starting, but I've either run into a bug, or I'm just being stupid and need help.

**Possible Spoilers Ahead**

I finished collecting spices at Hios island for the Marciudad Merchant, and I figured it would fast travel me back like it did on the way to the island. However it did not, so I went to manually sail back home. Halfway back winter hit and my ship was frozen in ice, so I ran back to the mainland over ice, camping along the way. However, when I reached the land, the town was not there. The map shows me that I am right on top of Marciudad, but it is nowhere to be seen. Can anyone help me out? I am playing the "OS X Dev Build 7" if that helps.Thanks for a great game!


okay, I guess I should have looked through the comments, because I just found my answer down below. Thanks again for a unique and entertaining game

Thanks for the comment. Yeah, the towns aren't accessible in exploration mode. Glaring oversight that I've fixed now.