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I got an email about this game a week or two ago from you, and I really appreciate you reaching out! Right away I noticed that this game was optimized fantastically. The graphics were great and I got zero frame drops from any source. That's super rare to find in modern horror games with high-end visuals. The puzzles definitely stumped me a couple of times. Especially the one with the paintings. I still feel like I solved it the wrong way. I found a bug (maybe) in that room where if you switch to the correct painting, a little '1' pops on the top left corner of the screen. Other than that, this game was bug-less. The atmosphere was phenomenal and the place was HUGE. It had a very detailed backstory and a ton of stuff to go off of. The ending sort of confused me, though. Anywho, this was awesome. Thanks so much for making this!