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Hello Tchey, yes, in fact I just keep forgetting about it, but it shouldn't take too long to make it Linux-compatible, it's java after all. In fact it might already work (at least the .jar in the distrib), I haven't tested it for a while (used to work a while ago). Would be grateful if you did, however, solo dev is hard you know :) 

Nice, will do in a few hours then ! I will report back if it's working or not.

It seems i'm not able to launch it. Here is what my terminal nags about :

Any new news ?


Sorry I missed you comment with the error, it seems some of the path separators have failed for linux, although it looks proper in the log, or? Could you check if the file itself is there at that location? 

About news, well, I try to keep up the devlog, RNG is almost ready, there'll be a lot of random tricky dungeons soon :)